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Domain names are 21st century real estate in an economy that is being increasingly driven by the Internet sector, as more people and advertisers move online. Especially hot are domains that have anything to do with the property market, travel destinations, hotels and leisure.

Businesses require a memorable domain name for their digital home where clients can find them. Over the years we have secured a porfolio of generic domains, regional networks, and rare three letter domains for future development, ready to be used by our clients or own services.

Internet domain names are red-hot investments. The pace is getting faster. Sales volumes more than doubled over the previous decade. The average growth of domain prices has been in excess of 7% per year over the last 10 years. 4-letter domains rise even faster

Domain Name Sales During recent months, LLLL.com domains (4 letters, for those just joining us) have multiplied in value, 9% growth per annum over the last 10 years. Wholesale traders flip them to China, the upcoming market. 5-letter domains are the next big thing.

Everything of value has to be protected. We provide consultancy on a broad spectrum of web domain issues to diligently defend your intellectual property. Working closely with a large law firm we can also arrange legal representation.

Domain Names A domain name identifies and locates computers and resources connected to the Internet worldwide. No two organisations can have the same domain name. Every company or organisation that wants to be on the Internet should register a suitable domain name for use as their online identity. It is a vital element for positioning your brand or company on the Internet, the front door to your e-commerce system, such as your organisation's website or email system. It has to be short, memorable and descriptive.

Finding the right domain name is a delicate business and needs careful consideration. It has to be short, memorable and descriptive. Here are a few points and ideas to begin with:

Your company name or brand name

Domain names with a .com would be best. Unless you can get a great .net name, use a .com name. They are the most widely known, the most sought after and the most valuable domain names currently available.

Keep it short and meaningful

Sometimes there are exceptions to this, but they are quite rare. Always grab a two or three letter name if you can get it. These are extremely valuable as they are so few of them. Decent three or four letter names are usually winners too.

Generic names

These are best if you can get them. Select names that appeal to a large corporate audience if you can. This will ensure that your prospective buyers have the resources necessary to make an acceptable bid. Example watersportmagazine.uk.

Regional Names

They only make sense if you develop them with local content. Then they can become great profit centers like newquay.net.

Is the name easy to say and understand?

What if you heard someone tell it to you over the telephone for the first time? Would you understand it or would they have to spell it? If you have to spell it, then forget it.

No foreign languages (other than English)

Unless you have a specific target market in mind already, stick to English. Names that contain foreign characters are a complete waste of money. Most people won't be able to type them into their browser and search engines may also have problems with them.

No telephone numbers

Avoid these unless you already own the actual phone number. They are useless otherwise and registering them is begging for trouble.

No 'accidental' period omission names

(e.g. wwwmicrosoft.com)
Don't try to capture misspellings in a web browser. Their lawyers will get you.

Multiple Domain Names

variety Do you have just one domain name? Think again.

Experts recommend that it is a wise strategy to use more than one domain name. This can prove extremely beneficial for your business or project.

Variety is the Key

Type in traffic can be easily routed to your website by using a variety of domain names. Many readers usually type in the primary and secondary keywords in the address bar itself. The use of relevant keyword in a diverse manner in the various domain names will prove beneficial. Try and implement not only the primary keywords but also the other keywords which you think can be associated with the product or service.

Open More Site Entrances

Think of a big store or shopping mall with doors to all streets around it. Likewise, having multiple domain names is like having several entry points to your business establishment. Thus more traffic can be channeled to your website. The different domain names can be submitted as links in the content for related websites. Greet your readers with different landing pages, relevant to the domain name. You could even go a step further by using the singular and plural forms as well.

Typos Can Be Advantageous

Imagine you are selling watersports equipment. Anticipate the various typo errors that people frequently commit. Assume swimwearguide.com is your primary domain. It would be a wise strategy to have versions like swimwareguide.com or swimwaerguide.com and such.

Use The Top Level Domain Names Well

To get diversity in the domain names, you can even combine the top level domain names like .com, .org and .net with the primary and secondary keywords. This will help establish more traffic and improve the business. Be creative.

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